Embarking on a weight loss journey often feels like an uphill battle, with challenges and temporary victories followed by reversals. But what if there were a scientifically-supported road to not just losing weight but maintaining a healthy weight long-term? At Quench Aesthetics & Wellness, we have observed remarkable outcomes in our weight loss programs that […]

Weight Loss


At Quench Aesthetics & Wellness in Dayton, Ohio we understand the importance of skin health and its impact on your overall confidence. Among an increasingly popular facial at Quench is the oxygen therapy facial. This treatment has gained popularity for its ability to literally breathe new life into aging skin, but what makes it so […]



Welcome to the rejuvenating world of Quench Aesthetics & Wellness in Dayton Ohio, where the fusion of health and beauty takes center stage, and personalized care is at the heart of every treatment. In a time when your health is more important than ever, discovering ways to enhance your immune system is paramount. The key […]

IV Nutrient Therapy


When it comes to rejuvenating your skin, you deserve nothing less than extraordinary, and that’s exactly what DMK True Oxygen Therapy delivers. At Quench Aesthetics & Wellness, we are thrilled to introduce you to this remarkable facial treatment, which goes beyond the ordinary to detoxify, firm, and restore your skin’s natural vitality. In this comprehensive […]


IV Therapy Treatment In Dayton Ohio

In the quest for radiant, rejuvenated skin, clinical facials have emerged as a transformative solution, elevating skincare beyond the traditional spa experience. At Quench Aesthetics & Wellness in Dayton, Ohio we understand the desire for a holistic, medical perspective on skincare. That’s why we’re proud to provide the HydraFacial MD®, a cutting-edge treatment that marries […]


IV Therapy Treatment In Dayton Ohio

In a world where wellness and vitality take center stage, Quench Aesthetics & Wellness brings you a transformative approach to nourishing your body and mind. Unlock the benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy to replenish your essential nutrients and enhance your overall well-being. At Quench, we offer a diverse array of IV Therapy services, each tailored […]

IV Nutrient Therapy

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Indulge in our luxurious facial services at Quench Aesthetics & Wellness, where beauty and wellness unite. From clinical spa facials like the Medi-Infusion Pro Facial, designed to stimulate circulation, enhance collagen production, and soften fine lines, to the ultimate relaxation of the True Oxygen Therapy Facial, our skilled team is dedicated to helping you achieve radiant and healthier skin. Additionally, enhance your natural beauty with our precision-focused Lash and Brow services, elevating your look to its full potential.


Experience the transformative power of our Hydrafacial. Our Signature Hydrafacial, suitable for all skin types, targets various skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, uneven tone, texture, and more, to reveal a revitalized complexion. You can enhance your Hydrafacial with options like Derma-planing, Booster with Light Therapy, or Microcurrent, ensuring a personalized 90-minute treatment tailored to your unique skincare needs.

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Introducing our transformative Weight Loss Program at Quench Aesthetics & Wellness, featuring Semaglutide. Whether you opt for the 8 or 12-week journey, our comprehensive program begins with a pre-evaluation to determine your eligibility. Guided by expert consultation, bloodwork, and tailored nutritional support, our goal is to ensure your weight loss is achieved comfortably and sustained for lasting well-being. Unlock a healthier you with Quench's Weight Loss Program today.

iv therapy

Discover the rejuvenating power of IV Vitamin Therapy at Quench Aesthetics & Wellness. Our comprehensive menu of IV therapies includes options like the Liquid Gold Myers Cocktail for overall vitality, the Enduring Youth IV for a youthful boost, and the Immunity IV to strengthen your body's defenses. Whether you're seeking enhanced energy, workout recovery, or fat burning support, our specialized IV treatments are meticulously crafted to help you achieve your wellness goals, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized, and revitalized.

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